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  5. "Wales is in Europe."

"Wales is in Europe."

Translation:Mae Cymru yn Ewrop.

November 17, 2016



Never fear it will always be in Europe. Just sadly it may not be in the EU.

Anyway, if 'Wales is' is 'Mae Cymru yn' then surely this is saying 'Wales is Europe'. Why is it not something like 'Mae Cymru yn mewn Ewrop'?


Mewn is a non-specific “in”, and yn (at least, in this context) is an exact “in”, so you want just one of them — not both. For instance, “Dw i'n gweithio mewn theatr” is “I work in a theatre” whereas “Dw i'n gweithio yn y theatr” is “I work in the theatr.” There is only one Europe, so you don't use mewn.


Four months later, but it's helpful for my own learning to comment:

Mae literally translates to There is, so this is better translated, literally as There is Wales, in Europe.

Which seems fine, if a bit awkward, to me.


It makes more sense to translate mae as “is” and to remember that Welsh is a Verb-Subject-Object (VSO) language, along with Tuareg and Irish. English, however, is a Subject-Verb-Object (SVO) language along with Malay and Russian.


Yes, that does make better sense. Diolch!


I get very confused when to use "ydy" for an affirmative statement and when to use "mae ... yn".

For example, for "Cardiff is the capital city of Wales", I put "Mae Caerdydd yn brifddinas Cymru" but this was wrong and should be "Caerdydd ydy prifddinas Cymru".

So I thought, "Okay, then here it must be "Cymru ydy yn Ewrop", but no, it's the opposite!

Can anyone explain? Thanks.


Very loosely speaking, it is because lots of places are in Europe, but only Cardiff is the capital of Wales, and Cardiff is the capital of Wales and of no other country.

A similar distinction is used when talking about someone's profession - mostly someone will have only one job, so somebody talking about me would state something like Ymgynghorydd cyfrifiadurol ydy Ian


Why is the "yn" not shortened to "'n" after "Cymru" -- "Mae Cymru'n Ewrop"?


"yn" is never shortened when it means the preposition "in".


That's interesting, as the algorithm gave the option of "Cymru'n" byt I chose not to take it, as I hadn't seen it before (which doesn't mean it won't be the correct option), but did double check to be sure.


So are the following translations correct?

Mae Cymru yn Ewrop. - Wales is in Europe.

Mae Cymru'n Ewrop. - Wales is Europe.

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