"Noi avem și desert cu ciocolată."

Translation:We also have dessert with chocolate.

November 17, 2016

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how does the use of "si" here imply "also"?


That's what it means in this context. Usually "și" corresponds to the conjunction "and", and in this context it sort of carries the same meaning. For example:

They have strawberries and bananas. We also have dessert with chocolate.
Ei au căpșuni și banane. Noi avem și desert cu ciocolată.

Like "also", "și" marks that we have all the things they have plus dessert with chocolate. You can also do this by repeating the list and adding emphasis on the conjunction:

They have strawberries and bananas. We have strawberries, bananas and dessert with chocolate.
Ei au căpșuni și banane. Noi avem căpșuni, banane și desert cu ciocolată.

I hope this makes it less counter-intuitive.


Why not 'we have also dessert with chocolate'?


Because Romanian on Duolingo is full of bugs, and the moderator is probably dead.


I agree with this complaint. Why not, indeed?


That word order seems somewhat awkward in English. But I disagree with potestasity that "also" in English necessarily implies an additional dessert. It can also be understood as implying "we as well as they have a dessert with chocolate."

And I think what you are trying to do is differentiate between also applied to "we" and also applied to "dessert".

I wonder if the Romanian și in this context can be also be understood to apply either to "Noi" or to "desert"? Or would Romanian place the "și" in front of "Noi" if it was intended to refer to "we as well"?


Although slightly stilted and unlikely often used, the translation to English "we have also..." is at least grammatically correct, while "we also have..." separates the noun from the verb and is a technically grammatically innacurate word order.


Agree... it doesn't seem to make sense. And also - I got this sentence as revision although I was never taught this use in the initial stage....


I never learned this on duolingo but did confirm it is the correct usage.

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