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Colour-coded map would give at-a-glance screenshot of a student's progress

It is still hard for a teacher like me with many classes to speedily and effectively assess where a child actually is in class.

I suggest that in Activity Details, a map could be accessed for each child. It would have squares or sections for the basics at the bottom and for every other module working upwards, all the way to the end of the course at the top. It might even be designed as a circle with sections. Squares or sections would be coloured green or gold depending on whether completed or not. Finally a teacher could see maps for the whole class on the page and see very quickly who was getting too far ahead and who was falling behind. A good permanent design is essential - because in a short time, one quick glance at the shape and colours would tell the teacher everything he or she needed to know.

If any fellow-educators out there are good at design, it would be lovely to collaborate on a good map template.

November 17, 2016

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Great idea! This would be useful for me too.

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