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"Ο δικηγόρος και ο προϊστάμενος."

Translation:The lawyer and the supervisor.

November 17, 2016



A silly question perhaps but how does one make the double accent with the Greek keyboard?


On the Windows Greek keyboard at least, the diaeresis ¨ is Shift + the key to the right of the L key (the combination that makes a colon ":" on a US keyboard).

And diaeresis + accent is on Shift+W, e.g. ταΐζω is typed "taWizv".


thanks for putting this, its super helpful!


What is the point of the doubke accent? I haven't seen that yet!


It's not an accent (those are usually lines) but a diaeresis (two dots).

It separates the two vowels.

A bit like in older English spelling coöperate which is pronounced "co-op-er-ate" and not "coop-er-ate" (the two o's are pronounced separately rather than as an oo sound), or naïve which does not rhyme with waive, the diaeresis in προϊστάμενος shows that it's pro-is-ta-me-nos and not pris-ta-me-nos (since οι makes the /i/ sound).


I know what an accent is I wasn't aware of the name of the two dots. So I just wasn't clear in the wording of my question. But thanks that makes sense.


For extra diacritics, some words even have a diaeresis and an accent on the same vowel!

For example, φαΐ (a word for "food").


Interesting! I love the Greek language


The pronunciation seems a bit the beguinning of the pronunciation of Φαγητό witch is also food in greek


"Witch" lol Im brazilian please take that into account LMAO


Perfect explanation thanks man


Should " foreman" be an acceptable alternative to supervisor?


Yes it could be, since supervisor and foreman are synonymous (and since foreman is someone that supervises and directs other workers). I'll add it, thank you ^.^


Would that also mean inspector too?


I wouldn't say so. The word επιθεωρητής would be a closer translation to inspector.


I was under the (apparent) misapprehension that "administrator" would also have been a viable alternative to "supervisor". In a legal office setting it would have seemed perhaps more logical, but there again not everything on DL follows that kind of logic, perhaps designed to trip us up/ think outside our normal boxes! ;-)}

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