"The job"

Translation:Η δουλειά

November 17, 2016



Please could someone explain the difference between δουλεία and εργασία. Thanks


"Εργασία" is the equivalent of "work" in english, and "δουλειά" is the equivalent of "job".

"Εργασία" is directed to produce or accomplish something; labor; work; toil.

"Δουλειά" is a piece of work,especially a specific task done as part of the routine of one's occupation or for an agreed price (not always paid work, though).

We "work" at our "jobs", and "work" can be used to refer to our "jobs", but the underlying difference is, "work" can be used in areas where its just labour, while "job" refers to (usually) paid work.

(Again, keep in mind that in greek we sometimes use "δουλειά" for things that are not paid work. Like homework - σχολικές εργασίες για το σπίτι or house chores - δουλειές του σπιτιού.)

Ι hope I helped. ^.^


Thanks, but still not completely clear to me. In the example in brackets at the end you use εργασίες, rather than δουλειά for the not paid homework.


Oh, plus, an edit to my previous comment: In greek, we sometimes use δουλειά for not paid work. It's not a rule. We would still use δουλειά for paid work like

"I love my job - Αγαπώ την δουλειά μου"

"I've got two jobs - έχω δύο δουλειές."

It was just a parenthesis.


Sorry if that example confused you, its just that a school assigment and homework in english is translated into σχολική εργασία and εργασία για το σπίτι in greek. Sorry if that confused you, I just wanted to emphasize in the "not paid work, like homework" part. xP It's kinda like an exception. You'd never say school job. xP


(I do hope I made it a bit more clear for you now ._.)


Just to add that you should be careful with the intonation in the word δουλειά. The stress is on the last syllable ά. If you stress the penultimate, like you did, the word changes meaning, it means slavery. So, to avoid misunderstandings: Δουλειά = job, Δουλεία = slavery


If "δουλειά" means "job" as described above, why did I get the question wrong?! Apparently it needs to be "Επάγγελμα"? What am I missing?

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Maybe you used the wrong article? Using το would make Duo think you wanted to answer with the neuter word for job, which is indeed επάγγελμα.


Με δουλεύεις;

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