"See you!"

Translation:Pe curând!

November 17, 2016

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Pe curând means See you soon, so this translation is not correct. Literally See you would translate to Ne vedem, that would look like a good alternative to me.


This what I tried as well. actually "see you soon" is "Ne vedem in curand" So the "see you" should be "Ne vedem". As it is always said in Romania.


Surely "La revedere" is right too. It looks like re-see. "Hasta la vista" in Spanish.


It has been added right now as a secondary translation. Thanks for pointing it out! ;-)


You are right. It litterally means "see you again". Pe curând rather means "(see you) soon"


It accepted la revedere here but not see you as an answer when it asked to translate la revedere. Fix this please. Both are correct


should really be ne vedem ... ie .. ne vedem maine pe curand just means soon


what about "ne vedem" ? Why is that wrong?


These comments are old. I have a question. As a native English speaker, I might say "good bye" or "see you" and they both mean the same thing. I think my question is about the difference between a literal translation and the translation of meaning. That may not be the correct way to say it. I hear non-native English speakers often say a literal phrase that requires a great amount of latitude to understand. Is this a real issue or is just in my head?

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