"Who is the new head?"

Translation:Pwy yw'r pennaeth newydd ?

November 17, 2016

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When should "pwy sy .." be used versus"pwy ydy/yw ..."?


sy when expecting an answer which might be one or more people, yw/ydy when expecting a particular individual or group to be named in the answer:

  • Pwy sy'n gyfrifol am hyn? - Who is responsible for this? (indefinite - could be one or more people)
  • Pwy ydy'r un sy'n gyfrifol am hyn? - Who is the one who is responsible for this? (definite - looking for a particular individual to be named)
  • Pwy sy'n dal? - Who is tall? (indefinite - could be a number of people)
  • Pwy ydy'r tala? - Who is the tallest? (definite - the answer expects the name of a particular person)
  • Pwy ydy gŵr Heulwen? - Who is Heulwen's husband? (definite)
  • Pwy yma sy wedi priodi? - Who here is married? (indefinite)


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