"o prăjitură, două prăjituri"

Translation:a cookie, two cookies

November 17, 2016

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Anyone else think that prăjitură is much more general than 'cupcake'? Cupcake is rather specific...


You would hardly find any cupcake in certain parts of Romania, but plenty of prăjitură. It means cake, really, and comes in all shapes or forms.


Maybe "sweets". I haven't seen a cupcake in Romania. But this is like any sweet or small cake you could find at a café. Savarine or eclairs etc.. Those are prăjitură, right?


And the translation proposed when you click on the word is cake or cookie. If you write cookie as answer, It's refused and you loose a heart! Not serious!!!


I have never seen a cupcake in all Europe, especially Romania or Moldova. I consider it to mean pastries..


I agree that it means pastries.


Yeah I feel the same way. Having shopped around for Romanian food here in the UK I don't think I've ever seen cupcakes but perhaps in Romania itself they are found more easily, I'm not sure. All foods I saw labeled as "prăjitură" were real cakes. For what it's worth a friend of mine tells me "brioșe" would be what they call cupcakes or muffins (not to be confused with brioche bread).


Yeah if you google brioșe you get immediately all the cupcake pictures

prăjitură gives you that two layer cream filled tart pictures

wiktionary has the following definition

brioșă (fem sg indef)

brioșa ( fem sg def)

brioșe ( fem pl indef)

brioșele ( fem pl def)

produs de patiserie, preparat prin coacerea în forme mici, rotunde și ondulate, a unui aluat de cozonac.

Pastry product, prepared by baking in small, round and wavy form, of a cake dough.

prăjitură (fem sg indef)

prăjitura (fem sg def)

prăjituri (fem pl indef)

prăjiturile (fem pl def)

produs de patiserie preparat din făină, zahăr, grăsimi, ouă și ingrediente, care se consumă, de obicei, ca desert.

A pastry product made from flour, sugar, fats, eggs and ingredients, which are usually consumed as dessert.


No way this is cupcakes. This is more like sweets or something. Never heard a cupcake called a prăjitură.


A Google Image search for prăjitură definitely shows cakes, not cupcakes.


"Prăjitură" is way broader than cupcakes and is sometimes used to describe anything than can be eaten as a dessert, specially when it is some sweet pastry. It is even used for some salty pastry as well such as salty cheese cakes or even chicken pies.

The few times I've seen cupcakes in Romania, they were sold as "Cupcakes", "Brioșe", "Muffin" or "Magdalenă"




i think this word should be introduced in the food skill


Cupcake is not accurate here


I feel because of how broad "prăjitură" is because I've heard Românians even use it for a group of pastries and candy I feel like treat would be a much better translation than a cookie. I feel like cookies goes under the category of biscuiți.


I really like Romanian. It sounds very nice and also they teach you a lot of words here; I've never seen the word "cupcake" in the first skills of food in any other tree...


I don't believe prajituri is specific to just cake as it is now showing. Prajituri generally is desserts, torte would more specifically mean 'cake'.


So then what is the use of knowing that also mean cookie/cookies, if they gonna mark it wrong??


Why is it "wrong" if I do not put the comma? Isn't it stupid?


One/two. A/two??


what is a cupcake ? it does not appear in my spanish-english dictionary


It is a little muffin-like cake in a paper cup. Usually with some synthetic coloured cream on top to make it look like a kids birthday party. http://www.craftcompany.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/dreamstime_xl_25637725.jpg

Something completely different from prăjitură.


thank you. i don't like these cakes with artificial cream coloring.


Ah, not all bakeries need to use lots of artificial colouring - a good, natural, buttercream icing is real joy.

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