"Ti is jöttök az állatkertbe?"

Translation:Are you coming to the zoo, too?

November 17, 2016

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1) Why not: "Are you coming INTO the zoo, too"? You ask someone who is outside the zoo to come inside. 2) "Are you coming to the zoo, too" (but maybe not enter) should be translated as <<Ti is jöttök az állatkerHEZ>>??????


Are you coming into the zoo? means something like Bejössz az állatkertbe?, that is when you're asking someone who is standing outside to come in.

Are you coming to the zoo? is a better fit for Jössz/Eljössz az állatkertbe?

Yes, Jössz/Eljössz az állatkerthez? is also possible, and it will be "to the zoo" as well. But I think, from context, if you ask someone Are you coming to the zoo? you also mean going in, not just standing next to it.


Okay,"all " might be necessary to stress the plural but what's wrong with also instead of too


Nothing is wrong with it, it's one of the issues that haven't been fixed yet.


To me it sounds like the stress of állatkertbe is on the third syllable, is that right?


------- penultimate syllable (next to last ), yes/no question . your hearing is accurate . . .

Big 16 nov 19


Incomprehensible. ""Are you also coming to the zoo" was marked wrong.


Do you also come to the zoo? Was marked wrong. ???


'Are you coming too to the zoo' is OK and ought to be accepted


------- i hope you reported it ? . . .

Big 10 mar 21


I did indeed. Thanks!

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