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Learning Persian

If you are interested in learning Persian(aka Farsi), this website is helpful


November 17, 2016


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I've been thinking of studying Persian, thanks for the link! Now I have a full list of resources for when I start learning it. :)

November 17, 2016


wish you success.

in Persian:

پیروز باشی

Pirouz bashi.


hello , I would recommend www.penpaland.com its a language exchange service where you can meet with native speakers.


Wow, this is really nice! Thanks for sharing this!


I think it's better to start with the alphabet and writing system. It's a bit challenging for people with European language background.


Colloquial Persian: The complete course for beginners is a great book with audio files. Don't remember the price, but if it was expensive I would have never bought it. Cool language. Best language book I've encountered too by the way if anyone is interested, look it up.


Thank you very much for the link! I had a look through some of the lessons earlier, it seems very useful. Persian's been on my wish-list for a while, although I've never gotten past learning the script... I'll definitely be saving this for later. :)


If you're looking to quickly learn conversational Persian (Farsi), I help run a website with lots of free audio lessons and videos that will get you going quickly! Learn Persian with Chai and Conversation:



I absolutely love using this website for Persian! It does not, however introduce the alphabet and as the perfectionist I am I want to do that first. :)


http://www.persianlanguageonline.com/alphabet/ ! It doesn't include much detail (or IPA pronunciations) but it's a good refresher/introduction.


Thanks! I'll definitely use this.


Take a cue from children. Two-year-olds are fluent in their native languageso, though with limited vocabulary and not all of the grammar, with no idea of reading. You don't have to wait that long, but you should be able to say a reasonable selection of basic words and sentences when you tackle the alphabet so that you can recognize each letter in a familiar word.

Duolingo tries to do that to a fair degree for several languages--Russian, Korean, Japanese, Hebrew, Greek--, although it fails dismally for Hindi, where the only actual word taught in the alphabet lessons is ek/one. Then you have to recognize it and translate it back and forth dozens of times.


xeily mamnun, dustam


:) vous êtes bienvenue


thanks for all of you, I have a good app in my iphone it's called 50LANGUAGE select your native language then chose which one you want to learn. it has a lot of activities.



I hope that it will help me!

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