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"An apartment has at least a floor, a ceiling and four walls."

Translation:Un apartament are măcar o podea, un tavan și patru pereți.

November 17, 2016



what's wrong? Un apartament are cel puțin un etaj, un tavan și patru pereți.


"etaj" is floor in the sense of storey, not in the sense of the lower surface of a room, which is "podea"

"The building has five floors"
- Clădirea are cinci etaje

"We sat on the floor"
- Ne-am așezat pe podea


This already had all the words set for me? I'm confused


If you are on mobile and have a small screen (or split screen), duolingo will fill in some of the words which would otherwise go off the bottom of the screen and make the exercise impossible. If there is no space, then all the words will be set every time

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I gave the correct answer and it said it was wrong

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