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Buna Dimineata!

Hello all!

I am happy to start this BETA course for Romanian. My wife is from Moldova, I have visited the country twice and love the language, food, and culture.

Is there easy way to put the correct accents on letters that I type? Is there a hotkey for it?

I really love the course by the way, it is so far the best one I've ever used!

Multumesc frumos!


November 17, 2016




Once you follow the above and switch the keyboard layout to Romanian (legacy), then you press

\ for â

] for ă

[ for î

; for ş

' for ţ

AS shortcuts

and unfortunately it switches y and z around which is stupid.


If you install Romanian (programmers) or the international keyboard you can use

right alt + s, t, i, a, q to create ș, ț, î, ă, â.

This leaves your layout as you are already used to it. As a bonus you also get german umlauts ä, ß, ö, ü and some French and Spanish letters.


Awesome, thanks guys! I have learned something today :D

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