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  5. "Welcome! Thank you!"

"Welcome! Thank you!"

Translation:Bun venit! Mulțumesc!

November 17, 2016



Mersi is not accepted?


If the course teaches both "multumesc" and "mersi" as options, then both should be accepted as an answer here. If one of them is not a proper term, then it shouldn't be part of the course.


The course tries to make a differentiation in politeness. In Romanian, "mersi" is familiar, while "mulțumesc" is formal. Maybe you can't say that about the relation between "thanks" and "thank you" in general, seeing how English is spoken by a huge amount of people in a huge amount of places. But, as a foreigner learning English, it does feel like that to me.


I along with this course, take lessons from a Romanian who has never mentioned mersi as a real way of saying thank you(and we've had lessons for nearly 2 years). I don't think it should be excepted, even though it is occasionally used in certain parts of Romania


It's used in common language. It's not seen as proper or improper, just different. That's thsnks vs thank you.


'Bine ati venit, 'Multumesc' isn't accepted?


There's got to be a way to make both multumesc and mersi correct.


There is. One is thanks the other thank you.

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