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Expanding the tree

Are there any plans to expand the Ukrainian tree? I would really like to see more practice on noun declensions, ownership, longer sentences, and making decisions. For example, there are a lot of sentences like this:

He bought a new coat. The shoes are brown. This is not my car. I went to university to study language. We like to eat pasta, pizza, and meat, but they like to eat fish, salad, and potatoes.

I'd like to see more practice on sentences like this:

This is the bank's money. I went to my father's house to move his old, smelly sofa. The phone rang for a long time before my mother answered it. My dog's collar is dirty. His bicycle's tires were flat before he made it to the train station. We want to see the city center and eat at a local restaurant, but if it is raining too much then we might go to a museum instead.

In trying to transition from practicing on duolingo to speaking with Ukrainians, I found that I really don't have much practice in these things, and ended up having to read about noun declension pretty extensively.

The course is great so far and the learning materials being posted to the discussion forum are excellent, but I'm more curious if there is a plan to put them in the tree too.

November 17, 2016



I hope they'll expand it :)


Добрий день bgyoshi! To answer your question, we don't know. I'll ask some incubator contributors to find out an I'll get back to you on it! But if it does, we'll make the German course look like an atom in comparision! So, talking about quantam-physics will be a breeze once it's done!


I'd definitely enjoy tree updates in smaller chunks more than one massive update a year from now that adds hundreds of nodes.

Thanks for the extra work you have all been doing, it's good to see the course coming back to life


I asked team Polish about it and they're not sure how they got the tree. If you look at how the incubator works. We only get the chance to create a new tree every now and again so it kinda would have to be a big update otherwise the course would never get to the stage of where it could be


Ahhh. Yeah I have no idea how the incubator works. I'm sure you guys will do the best you can with the resources and opportunities you have!

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