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"Fusta Anei este scurtă."

Translation:The skirt of Anna is short.

1 year ago



Is the genitive ending -ei for all names ending in -a, or only feminine ones? I have a male name that ends in -a, would the genitive be Ziyei or lui Ziya? (And if it's the latter, would it be because it's a foreign name, or because it's a guy's name?)

1 year ago


This is only for feminine/female names ending in a...

For male names and female names that end in other letters, we use "lui [name]" (of [name]) example "Fusta lui Carmen (female name not ending in a) este scurtă"... or "Pantalonii lui Allen (male name) sunt noi." - Allen's pants are new.

1 year ago


why do I need to translate the name on this occasion. 1) Its not consistent across all units. 2) Names don't have to be translated. E.g My name is Paul. If I was born in a Slavic nation I would probably be Pavel, but I am not so I am Paul, and vice versa.

5 months ago