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  5. "Ez sem az én zoknim."

"Ez sem az én zoknim."

Translation:These are not my socks, either.

November 17, 2016



Question for a native English speaker: what's wrong with my answer? I tried, not to use either, but it was marked wrong. Nor that is my sock.


I think it would be "Nor are these my socks." But it begs a preceding sentence, much more than an "either" version. I think.


Ok, thank you. Then "nor this is my sock" should be ok too, or "nor is this my sock?


I think the only correct order is "Nor is this my sock".


Ez means this. Ezek means these. Please change the English, or Hungarian, so they match here. Thank you!


Thanks for your comment! You're right that there seems to be a mismatch here. But things that come in pairs, which are often expressed in the plural in English, are usually singular in Hungarian: thus my socks is really generally translated as a zoknim.


When does sem mean “not ... either” and when does it just mean “not”?

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