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Where do assignments show up if students are using the app?

My students are using Duolingo on their school iPads. We have been able to see assignments on the web site, but where do they see what has been assigned on the app?

November 17, 2016



Yeah, they need app notifications of assignments because many do not bother checking email.


From a previous post above (dated 6 months ago), they can't yet see it on the app. I added a comment to the previous thread saying that I'd love to see that in the future.


It is a shame students can't see the assignments using the app on the iPad. If you try and login via the internet browser it seems to open the app which is a pain.


Hi! I just tested, and you should be able to open it via the browser without opening the app. The app shows up as a button (suggesting you open the app) as you are typing duolingo.com, but if you ignore it and keep typing, it does not open the app, and instead opens the website. You will need to go to settings and request the full website. I realize this is not easy/smooth — the best way remains to visit from a computer or checking via email. This is definitely on our radar though!


Thanks for the tip, much appreciated. I am looking forward to trying the activities in the classroom.


Many students, particularly during this crisis, are limited to using Duolingo on phones. Mobile browsers do not display the assignments, and the apps do not display the assignments. How can students who have smart-phone access alone view assignments, aside from email?


It's been 2 years since the creation of this thread and they still haven´t included it on the mobile app. Please, we really need this feature in order to implement Duolingo in our lessons. It shouldn´t be that hard


They can only see it via email notifications and by visiting the website (they can also visit the website on the iPads). They can not yet see it in the app itself, but we are aware of the requests for making that available!


Then what is the holdup? It's been 4 years.


This should really be included in the app. The most common setup for a teacher in an English class is students with mobile devices, not a computer for every student. Not having this feature in the app is holding back easy school wide adoption of this great program...


Yes, please please please make an Assignments section on the mobile app! This has been a need since 2015! Please update this ASAP, so that my students THIS YEAR can access their Duolingo Assignments on their phones and tablets. PLEASE! and Thank you.


Please let students see assignments on the APP... pretty please.

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