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  5. "Sunt goi seara."

"Sunt goi seara."

Translation:They are naked in the evening.

November 17, 2016



It can also mean 'They are naked in the evening' depending on the context ;)


I wrote this and it was accepted


Naked had not been introduced prior. The clue provided "empty."

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"I am empty in the evening" As well, yes?

Also, I am a native english speaker and I have no clue what is actually being said here... Does this mean "I am free this evening" Or does this mean "My stomach is empty this evening" Or "I have no energy this evening?"


'Goi' is a plural adjective so in this sentence we'd have to translate it as 'They are' (remember that 'sunt' can be both 'I am' and 'They are'). If you wanted to say 'I am empty in the evening' (which would be either a nonsensical or very existentially depressed sentence) you would have to say 'Sunt gol/goală seara'. 'Sunt goi seara' could be talking about a restaurant or a cafe who don't have any customers in the evening - hence 'They are empty in the evening'. That's the number one problem with Duolingo's model - you need to learn language in context.


Thanks for the in depth explanation. I'm told by my Romanian wife that this sentence makes less sense than many of the sentences in the app, perhaps it needs to be reviewed?

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I get the plural/singular context, good point. Thanks.


SO does Naked and Empty always mean the same? SO if I were to say that my bag is empty it would mean the same as my bag is naked?


good point? what was the point made

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    Naked Lunch?


    In the example you gave, it's pretty clear from context that you mean that your bag is empty. But I guess there are examples where the meaning would be ambiguous


    I find this to be a bit of an odd sentence.. it's not necessarily very easy to understand what is meant to be said here. Perhaps it would be wise to add a few words to this to make it easier to comprehend? Such as "The store is empty in the evening." or something along those lines. :)


    Dece sunt goale?


    doesn't give option for "empty"


    I understand the importance of context, but struggling with gender, case, article, etc., is enough. Either use sentences that are not ambiguous or provide context.

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      I have heard the sentence (in a folk song) copiii sunt goi, meaning that the children have empty stomachs/not enough to eat.


      The meaning of "copiii sunt goi" in that song is they are so poor that they do not have clothes on them.


      Why not "Ei/ele sunt goi/goale"


      After a long day of talking with oxen, they feel the need to unwind. Busy day at the office, yanno...? Btw, biggest difference in word translation ratio I have seen in these two languages.


      There's not clues provided here, gosh


      Well I sure hope they're having fun.


      Pretty racy for Duolingo!

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        Context: Where are there nudist colonies in Romania? Do they dress for work?


        The clue provided naked and it doesn't make sense.


        The slow audio sounds like 'moi' not 'goi'. The normal speed audio is not much better.


        Would you 'Adam and Eve' it?

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