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"Was möchten Sie damit aussagen?"

Translation:What would you like to say with that?

February 12, 2013



The English sentence is odd, and I can only think of a few contexts where it could be used. I was just wondering if the German sentence is as odd, or if this an idiom of some sort (the German version) that would sort of equate to the English "what do you mean by that"?


Agree, but I'd rather use 'Was möchten Sie damit sagen?'.


Agree, but I'd probably rather use 'wollen' instead of 'möchten'.


Thanks to the 3 of you!


I put "What would you like to say about that?" and it was accepted. It's better English, and invites someone to comment & say more about something, but it doesn't mean quite the same as "What do you mean by that?", which asks for a clarification or explanation. I can see the politeness in using "moechten" instead of "wollen", but what is the importance of using "aussagen"here?


@FisherLiz: IMO it shouldn't have been accepted. "What do you mean by that?" is a better translation. As to the use of 'aussagen': It's certainly possible to use it here, but I'd prefer 'sagen'. It would be fine to say "Was wollen Sie damit sagen?". It's not considered impolite.


I used "they". It says Sie is being used as a formal for you. Ok.. How would this be written in German for the third person plural then?? Isn't it exactly the same?


sie (not capitalised) = they/she

Sie (capitalised) = you (formal)

Make sure you always read the tips.



Thanks christian.


Yeh, I fell for that capitalisation game, too. We're all better off for it, now.

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