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  5. "My last twenty years"

"My last twenty years"

Translation:Mis últimos veinte años

February 12, 2013

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Why then is it not correct to say "mis veinte años pasados" when translating from English to Spanish?


The proper order would be "Mis pasados veinte años".


I don't get this either. My feeling for languages tells me it should be: Mis veinte años pasados - but that one was marked as not correct. :( Correct solutions - given by duolingo: Mis últimos veinte años OR Mis veinte pasados años -->> now THIS is also different to what Luis suggests is the right one. I am confused. Shall I check back with my colleague from Chile? ;)


My colleague from Chile said that the BEST solution is: Mis últimos veinte años ... and he wouldn't even use the word 'pasados' in that context...


I was also confused about the difference and found this article helpful: http://spanish.about.com/od/adjectives/a/last.htm


Why is the adjective before the noun here?


Adjectives of quantity usually come before the noun. Categorising/classifying adjectives go after (red, big, long, fat, young etc).

There are some more rules abut when the adjective goes before the noun but it gets more complicated. Unfortunately my source was my teacher not online so cannot give you a reference.

To give you a feel, some non categorising ones that go before (or can go before): mismo, ultimo, unico, proprio, siguente, peor, proxima


I think últimos usually/always goes before the noun.


Translating this from Spanish to English, why is "Mis veinte años pasado." not acceptable?


It would have to be "pasados", since "años" is plural.

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