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"Jeg spurte ham hvorfor han gjorde det."

Translation:I asked him why he did it.

November 17, 2016



Both ham and han are acceptable as the object form of han, according to most textbooks...?


Yes, and it's accepted on our end (and has been for 8 months). Did you receive an error message?


Yes... I got a "you used the wrong word" error. I'm quite sure that was the only difference between what I wrote and the given answer.


For listening exercises, only the actual source sentence is accepted as an answer.

So "han" isn't wrong because it can't be used as an object pronoun, but because that's not what the TTS is reading out. Of course "ham" and "han" sound deceptively similar, which makes it tricky in this case.


That's weird. Take a screenshot next time, and we'll send it to Duolingo if there's a bug there.


Nothing plays for me on this one

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