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Can't find the words I've learned

I used to know where it was, but now the layout has changed & I lost it XD Does anyone know where to find it again? Thanks!

February 19, 2014



The Vocabulary section is a much-missed victim of the badly thought out recent redesign of the site. As angel says, it's supposed to be back sometime, but really it should never have been removed...


Wow, this topic has come up way too much, but hi Hotpinkconverse! Nice name by the way. The tab you are talking about is the vocabulary tool, which was used for searching for the word you want and recognizing it's definition and conjugations. It is currently down because DuoLingo is probably making it more fit to our needs. It has been rumored that the tab will be back next month, so wait up! :)


It's been 1 year, no sign of Duolingo.com/vocab, please send help


Has anyone seen it yet? It's been three months since the question was posted...


already three years


THIS is sorely needed why in the name of everything did they take this down? plus there was also this really cool game with cards and vocabulary that helped me get daily goals and practice my vocabulary

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