"Duo este o bufniță!"

Translation:Duo is an owl!

November 17, 2016

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I didnt realise that Duo here related to the Duolingo Owl. Lesson learnt


bufnița resembles buffoon, so I guessed 'a little clown." Sorry duo, no offense intended.


I spent ages struggling to hear what sounded like doi and only when I made an incorrect stab did I see it was Duo, which was slightly irritating.


Ah! Duo is the Duolingo owl? Can we buy him scarves and boots and things that you can in other Duolingo language courses? I have 1000 lingots and absolutely nothing to do with them! Is his first name "Doowhit"? "Doowhit Duo" hee-hee.


Da, o bufniță verde!


O always confuses me because I know Portuguese and in Portuguese, o means the so I always answer the instead of a/an.


And in Portuguese, "o" is masculine and "a" is feminine. A noun that ends in "a" is usually feminine in Romanian and Portuguese but Romanians put "o" in front of it and Portuguese put "a" in front to it.


Did the same thing, writing two is an owl, which made no sense

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