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i think it's very annoying that i can't see words i have learnt and the meaning of it i think the old version was better because i was able to check the words i have learnt at anytime and know it's meanings and it's plural and singular form at anytime

February 19, 2014


Hi saraanwar1! This is a common topic that people tend to bring up due to the lack of the vocabulary tab. It has received criticism, but the vocabulary tab has been rumored to be coming back up next month, so wait up! If you need vocabulary help, I personally suggest you create a personal notebook to keep track of your words. You should also create sentences to know how to use them (Thanks idshanks! <-This person gave me the idea.). :)

Haha, you're welcome! I'm glad you've found it helpful. :) It's especially useful if you know you've done a new word recently, and you just come across it again on Duolingo - I don't look at my notes right away, but I do sit and think for a minute - my notes . It's so much easier to recall the meaning of a word if you have written an example sentence recently, because you can try to remember the context you wrote it in. :) I find that sticks in your head much better than just trying to memorise purely from having seen the word and not used it.

thnx idshanks for helping me and for the note idea i'll start trying it :)

thnx angel194462 for helping me and for the note idea i'll start trying it but honestly angel194462 i hope the rumors become true because actually it will save me more time.thnx again

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