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  5. "Nem írsz, hanem olvasol."

"Nem írsz, hanem olvasol."

Translation:You are not writing, but are reading.

November 17, 2016



I miss the translation of "hanem" here. The given set of words does not content the word "but".


As a non native speaker of English, I get a bit confused about the word order in English. It didn't accept "...but you rather read" and told me I should have typed "but rather you read". Which does sound a bit weird to me. But could I actually say "but you rather read", too?


"but you rather read" means youi choose to read rather tahn somthing else. While "but rather you read" just means "but you read" - which is what the Hungarian says.


Is there a difference between "you are not writing, but reading" and "you do not write, but you read". I got correct for the second one. The first one would in english be a temporary action (what you are doing right now ), and the second would be a general statement. Is there any distinction in hungarian?


And why your administrator makes this answer incorrect.

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