"Bărbatul mănâncă șaizeci de mere pe an."

Translation:The man eats sixty apples per year.

November 17, 2016

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Could I say "Bărbatul mănâncă șaizeci mere pe an"?


No, counting in Romanian is a little bit weird.

Let's count sheep from 17 to 22:
șaptesprezece oi
optsprezece oi
nouăsprezece oi
douăzeci de oi
douăzeci și una de oi douăzeci și două de oi

You can see that, from twenty, the particle "de" pops up. Some numerals require it before the noun they determine.
- all numbers from 0 to 19 don't use "de" (for sheep - patru oi)
- all numbers ending in a number from 02 to 19 don't use "de" (twelve hundred and four sheep - o mie două sute patru oi)
- all numbers ending in 00 use "de" (a hundred sheep - o sută de oi)
- all numbers ending in 01 may or may not use "de" (a hundred and one sheep - o sută una oi / o sută una de oi)
- all other numbers use "de" (
thirty sheep - treizeci de oi*)


Very clear explanation. Thank you!


Thank you for this!

As an addition, Mariasha77 stated in https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/26584277 that all numbers in the twenties also use a "de".


Potestasity, that's worth a lingot!


I type romanian. I get back that i type english.


I have typed in romanian many times, but it get back that I have typed in english

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