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  5. "- Poftă bună, Ana! - Mersi!"

"- Poftă bună, Ana! - Mersi!"

Translation:- Enjoy your meal, Anna! - Thanks!

November 17, 2016



There is a really funny glitch in the slow version of the audio for this sentence. The TTS actually reads out the hyphen at the beginning of the sentence, so it says:

"Punct și virgulă poftă bună Ana mersi."

It is also confusing because a "punct și virgulă" is a semicolon, not a hyphen, so perhaps it is a double glitch.


wow so many flags. Here is a lingot for you


The issue is still present


No on the web, just had the same issue


I didn't have it - maybe it's just for the one they make you type what you hear?


"- Enjoy your meal, Anna! - Thank you!" was wrong. It wanted "- Thanks!"


Mersi is more informal, and I believe it does directly translate into "thanks". Mulțumesc is what you're looking for if you want to say "thank you." Or, "thank you very much," which would be "mulțumesc frumos".


just had the same problem


Mersi is informal. If you would like to say Thank you its Mulțumesc.


I spelled Ana "Anna" and was denied, though the rest of the sentence was correct, accents and everything! That's a bit stingy, isn't it?


I agree same thing happened to me, im gonna report it


Ohhh man. I keep typing "Have a nice meal!", instinctively, as a native English speaker. I literally have to turn off my English to get passed this question. Anyone have some solid arguments why "Have a nice meal" could not be accepted here? Danke


You're right, it should be accepted, especially because "bon appetit" is borrowed from French. If you wanted a direct translation, you would have to put in "Good appetite!" But we don't say that in English. Although "Have a good meal!" conveys the same idea, I guess they're looking for a translation of the phrase, as opposed to the meaning. I don't agree with it, but it's up to the creators of the course to make the lessons the way they want to, I suppose.


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"your" is not necessary because " Poftă bună" does not mean 2nd singulative.


Surely thank you and thanks are the same as in English

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