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Music in Romanian?

Can anyone recommend some good music in Romanian? Music is frequently a very useful resource in language learning. Thanks!

November 17, 2016



I have no idea how to approach this, so I'll just throw in a bunch of stuff:

Maria Tănase - Cine iubește și lasă - a very popular song, which I think is best described as a chilling love curse.

The national anthem

Gică Petrescu - Du-mă acasă, măi, tramvai

Phoenix - În umbra marelui urs - a folk/rock ballad with strong anti-communism themes.

Cargo - Dacă ploaia s-ar opri - possibly the best-known Romanian power-ballad.

Trooper - Strigăt - metal

R.A.C.L.A. - Rime de bine - hip-hop

Adrian Minune - Jumătate tu, jumătate eu - this belongs to a Romanian music genre called "manele", which is very controversial, but I think it would be very unfair to not include it.

Șuie paparude - Pentru inimi - electro


Okay now I have to learn faster. Back to lessons!


This song was and still remains a favorite of mine


Haha, I immediately came here and started searching for Dragostea Din Tei or Despre Tine. :D


It was music that inspired me to start learning Romanian, so I'll start by recommending the particular track that inspired it. Voljay - De la Capat. Try other Eurovision entries from Romania too.


There is a band called Iris that sings some Romanian songs. I am only familiar with them because they covered (well) a song called Lady in Black by Uriah Heep.


I love the Romanian version of Frozen- Let it go!: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXB5dNqyqfE

I also like O-Zone - Oriunde Ai Fi. So different to their other songs. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2S43-VbluWM


Try the national anthems! Romania's is Deșteaptă-te, române! and Moldova's is Limba Noastră.

Incidentally, my favorite rendition of Deșteaptă-te, române! is not one sung by a choir, but screamed by a crowd at a Euro 2016 game against Switzerland. It starts at 2 minutes, 20 seconds - I actually had that embedded in the URL but Duolingo helpfully erases "ampersand-t" :P


Oh my gosh I love the Romanian national anthem! I discovered it like a month ago, and It's os cool and minor sounding!


I know there is a Romanian singer called Costi Ioniță. And also there is a Rock band called Luna Amară. I like their songs: Somn and Asfalt. Another good band is Alternosfera (they are Moldovan).


Dragostea din tei by Moldovan band O-zone.


If you enjoy black metal or anything with a lot of atmosphere, this album is entirely in Romanian I believe (along with all of Negură Bunget's material). Great stuff.



I would like to add that Negură Bunget can be intimidating, as they use a lot of archaisms and regionalisms in their songs, to the extent that the average native speaker would find it difficult to fully understand the lyrics.
So don't be confused if it still sounds alien, even after learning Romanian at a conversational level.


You can find lots of Romanian songs on http://rmnnmsc.tumblr.com/ ! I love that blog :D


I you are into hard rock and metal stuff i would recommend An Theos and Bucovina.


Well, there's the obligatory listening (and the rest of the album) but beyond that I'm not sure.


Holograf. It's 80s rock band & pretty cool. Still active btw. https://youtu.be/1bApvdDWUio Sarmalele Reci, Travka & Vama are my other favourites. There's also an old & I believe quite popular band called Vama Veche (not really my thing). Subcarpati is a good one, if you are into hip-hop (also not my thing).


like this stuff! Mersi!


Glad you did! Since you are a pianist I think you probably know Johnny Raducanu, the father of Romanian Jazz. If not, give him a listen https://youtu.be/dcaWo9LX2Wk?list=PL7F994336EB92BC08 ; https://youtu.be/GK9jGP5nqqE


No ive never heard of him but it's great! Thanks so much !


I love the the song by INNA- Cum ar fi It sounds so sweet and beautiful. Irina Rimes- Iubirea noastra muta and Da Ce Tu Is amazing too. Also if anybody is interested in Romanian Pop Songs Check out Cat Music, Roton Music, MediaProMusic,Famous Production on Youtube. They all have really good songs. Especially their Popular Uploads One more suggestion: Nicole Cherry- Cuvintele Tale ( It has English,Romanian and Italian Subs) Hope this helped! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLw-VjHDlEOgt5go1RtUTSATjRiVi0xBFI Playlist of New Romanian Music


Haha, I need to share this story, because it put a big smile on my face!

I've been attracted to Romanian language fairly recently. And since I have a very good memory regarding sounds, I've concluded that one of the songs that my dad was listening to something like 10 years ago could have been Romanian. I couldn't know for sure. I didn't have a clue about Romanian language then and I didn't hear the song recently. I had no idea about title, band or lyrics. I could just recall the melody and the sound of the language which appeared to be suspiciously Romanian-like.

Now I've encountered this by accident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Auya6wx9cPE YES! It was this song! It actually was Romanian! I can now enjoy bringing back memories and listening to my favourite language at once!


These are some songs that I like:

Vița de vie - Luna și noi (folk pop)

Alexandrina - După pod (dramatic & dark pop)

Maria Tănase - Până când nu te iubeam (legendary diva!!)

Aura Urziceanu - Nu-mi cere să cînt (groovy jazz from the 60's)

Aria Urbana - Atacul Metaforei (trip hop)

Butterflies In My Stomach - Tricoul (smoky & slow jazz)


Along with Luna Amară, Vama Veche is a good band to look out for. ;)


Hello. Try maybe Holograf.Ștefan Bănică. Voltaj. Smiley. I am sure you will find someone among those ones.


I'm 2 years late to this conversation :))) but might I suggest listening to the following:

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do! :-)


I think most Romanian people would find this strange but the only reason I started learning the language was because I really started to enjoy the music of Sandu Ciorba!


I know it's all Casio keyboard samples on loop but the guy has a great voice and everyone seems to be having fun. It started as a bit of a joke but the more I listened, the more I liked it and then I decided I'd try and learn my first new language!


Hello, this one I find nice: Cleopatra Stratan & Edvard Sanda - "Dragoste, vă rog!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K9zHi8M2Abg I will post more soon.

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