"A szép madár háza a fán van."

Translation:The beautiful bird's house is in the tree.

November 17, 2016

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Is it the bird that is beautiful or the house?


"A szép madár szép háza a szép fán van." Everything could be beautiful.


------- the bird-house . . .

Big 19 nov 20


Do we translate in proper English or learn phrases slavish to literal translation?


------- we translate into american and report that our version should be accepted if duo turns us down. yes, we have to find a response that duo accepts to move on to the next learning segment . i think i saw somewhere the other day that > 300,000 users have been helping for five years to get hungarian out of beta . with your background (DLI linguist ) it will be very helpful if you, too, pitch in ! . . .

Big 19 nov 20


...we translate into american...

What? Not into regular English?


------- american english is the default . if you're aussie, kiwi, brit, scot, mick, roinek (south african ), report that your version should be accepted. the people who are working to get all the translations correct (according to us users ) don't consult these posts - they work from the "reports " . . .

Big 31 mar 21


Ok. Though, in most cases, they accept the answer regardless of the dialect.


Why in the tree and not on the tree?


Question of English, both are possible for 'fán' (google it). But in Hungarian if you say 'in the tree = fáBAN' then it would mean it is inside the trunk.

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