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Turkish Verb Conjugations?

Is there a definite suffix for turkishs verbs, in German it would be something like this:



Er/Sie/Es- t

Wir- en

Ihr- t

Sie/sie- Sind

Is there a Turkish Equivalent?

November 17, 2016



vowels change acc. to vowel harmony, could be ı, i, u, ü. Verbs in simple present tense (or called aorist).

Ich-im giderim alırım okurum üşürüm

Du-sin gidersin alırsın okursun üşürsün

Er/sie/Es- nothing gider alır okur üşür

Wir- iz gideriz alırız okuruz üşürüz

Sie/Ihr- siniz gidersiniz alırsınız okursunuz üşürsünüz

sie- ler/lar giderler alırlar okurlar üşürler

P.S. German Sie/sie suffix would be -en, not sind.


Theres a thing called ''hidden subject'' in Turkish. Just like our friend explained here they are the forms of those verbs but you guys can also add your subject in the beginning of your sentences.They are basically the same thing. For example: you can say ''Ben giderim'' or ''Giderim''. But if you ask me, (informally) we usually use the one with hidden subjects!


So when conjugating you drop the -mek or -mak? And if you want it to to be "writing" it would be yaziyorum?

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