"Știind că copilul m-a mințit, i-am dat o palmă peste față."

Translation:Knowing that the child lied to me, I gave him a slap across the face.

November 18, 2016

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Duo Romanian, nu fii atât de violent! :O


Nu fi atât de violent, un singur 'i'


This kind of sentence shouldn't be part of any language course anywhere...


Honestly I think this is inappropriate for any language course. Violence against children isn't funny


In the Netherlands it is forbidden by law!


Atât mințind, cât și lovind ... (Both lying and hitting ...)


"Ca copilul"...in the Romanian language this expression is a cacophony.Never use it!


I love that this is your problem with the sentence. Also, cacofonie doesn't translate into English, as Ion Luca Caragiale once said at the Banca Comercială.


Must heartily second the many objections to this sentence being included in this course. While attitudes may differ across cultures, promoting or making light violence against anyone does not serve the interests of language learners.


How do you mean, "doesn't translate?"

In this context or not at all?

Also this sentence being included in the course is garbage.


In my childhood it was allowed espetially in case of lie. So my point is that it is not nessesary to look so serious at sentence which is nothing more (or less) than words. There is not apel for violence. It is just example of grammar.


There was a British teacher in the fifties who wrote some very funny books under the name of Jane Hope. She called teachers "Child-beaters." It was funny because the teachers in her books never beat on a brat although they were sorely tempted.

So, because we do not do that anymore is not a good reason not to have such phrases in a language learning app.


I was wrong. This is even worse.


It gets dark, doesn't it!?


If such lying was a one-time event and not a habitual action, this should be "Knowing that the child HAD lied to me, I gave him a slap across the face."


It is probably my former english teacher still making money from beating kids...


"I gave him a slap across his face." Perfect English! And of course, rejected by the children administering this shambles of a course.


This is not an appropriate sentence for a language course


Duo, a fi violent nu ajută!


Ea a vândut hotărând în locul meu! = She sold deciding instead of me.
Ai auzit-o mințind? = Did you hear her lying?
Noi ne-am dus la mare neștiind că vine ploaia. = We went to the sea not knowing that the rain was coming.
Ei s-au dus cu barca nestiind că vine o furtună = They went with the boat not knowing that a storm was coming.
Trăind în România, am învățat limba română. = Living in Romania, I learned the Romanian language.
Știind că copilul m-a mințit, i-am dat o palmă peste față. = Knowing that the child lied to me I gave him a slap across the face.
Traind în Franța, Maria a învățat limba franceză. = Living in France, Mary learned the French language.
Iubindu-mă pe mine însumi, am învățat să iubesc pe alții. = loving myself I learned to love others.
Te-am auzit mințindu-le pe surorile tale. = I heard you lying to your sisters.
Copilul a fost găsit dormind. = The child was found sleeping.
Am suferit nehotărând nimic! = I suffered not deciding anything.
Obosind, polițistul a adormit. = Getting tired, the police officer fell asleep.
El l-a văzut pe fratele lui omorând insecte. = He saw his brother killing insects.
Iubind-o pe soția lui, el a sărit în mare după ea. = loving his wife, he jumped in the sea after her.
Sebastian a obosit fugind o milă. = Sebastian got tired running a mile.
L-au prins pe Andrei fugind = They caught Andrew running.
Eu l-am văzut pe Mihai dormind în biserică. = I saw Michael sleeping in the church.
Eu am cumpărat hotărând pe loc! = I bought deciding on the spot.
Învățătoarea l-a prins pe Daniel dormind. = The teacher caught Daniel sleeping.
Ea l-a auzit pe el mințind. = She heard him lying.
Fugind de câini, am căzut de pe pod. = Running from the dogs, I fell off the bridge.


In romana traducerea este o cacofonie, astfel ca se evita acest context. Cea mai grava este violenta reiesita din context


Childline!!!! 0800 1111 (Duo, please remove this from the course. There are some odd phrases in the lessons which cause amusement; but not this one.)


Disagree--It is straight out of Dickens (not literally)

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