"The people get off those faulty buses and get on these ones."

Translation:Az emberek leszállnak azokról a rossz buszokról és felszállnak ezekre.

November 18, 2016

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Why is the emphasis on the people, not on the buses? I.e., why not "Az emberek azokról a rossz buszokról leszallnak, és ezekre felszállnak."


As long as the preverb is attached - leszállnak - the focus is actually on the action itself (and its completion). "The people" are not actually in the focus position.


Az emberek leszállnak azokról a hibás buszokról és feszállnak ezekre. I reported it.


I should not have done the Spanish practice first. Rossz buszokról nem buszokról rossz.


Please try to follow the translation on the schedule.Any other combination makes only angry and unsatisfied.I hope it is not your intention


Emphasis is obviously on those faulty buses which the poor emberek are compelled to leave, so why can't leszallni nicely split? ('Az emberek azokról a rossz buszokról szállnak le....blabla').


'Azokról a rossz buszokról szállnak le az emberek....' sounds so good (focus obviously on the bloody faulty buses) that it couldn't but be rejected!


Why not "Az emberek leszállnak azokból a rossz buszokból és felszállnak ezekre"?


Hungarians, like English-speaking people, travel on buses, rather than in them. The "on" case endings, "-ra", "-on", and "ról", with their variants, form a set, just as the "in" case endings, "-ba", "-ban", and "ból" do, and so, given that you get ON a bus, you must get off from ON the bus, "-ról", rather than off from IN a bus. I hope I've managed to express myself satisfactorily :)


Thank you for your answer.


"on these ones" is clumsy English for "ezekre". If there were an adjective involved ("ezekre pirosokre", say) then "on these red ones" would be correct, but it is correct to translate "ezekre" as "on these".


Azokról a rossz buszokról az emberek szállnak le, ezekre pedig fel. I can see why the verb might not be split in order to maintain the importance of the contrast. However, we had another question involving aeroplanes where arra pedig fel was used and I see, interestingly, that Greg Wood 15 has flagged up exactly the same point. So, come on Duo, was I right to report this or not?


I tried : Az emberek azokról a rossz buszokról szállnak le, ezekre pedig fel. I had previously been trying many variations on the similar translation about people getting of one plane to get on another, and the only one that satisfied Mr. D. was the basis of my translation here, but this time he wanted something else.

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