"Zeul lunii"

Translation:The god of the moon

November 18, 2016

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Why zeu and not dumnezeu?


As far as I know, “zeu” is any god, while “Dumnezeu” is the Jewish/Catholic/Orthodox God.


I think the best way to look at is "Dumnezeu" being "father"/"heavenly father" so more specifically the Christian god. With "zeu" being the more generic "God". Not that God isn't also used in Christianity for only one entity.


Moon goddess surely?


Shouldn't the word Moon be written with a capital letter?


Why couldn't "Zeul lunii" refer to "the god of the month?" Doesn't "lunii" mean both "of the month" and "of the moon?"


It most certainly can. I just lost a heart for that and I'm a native speaker, it didn't even cross my mind to go for the 'moon'variant until after hitting enter. Goes to show you shouldn't rush these quizzes. The way you would distinguish between the two is, unless it's contextually more specified, assume it's the god of the moon. (i.e. March is the first month of spring. The god of the month is Mars in the Latin pantheon / Martie este prima lună a primăverii (/de primăvară). Zeul lunii în panteonul latin este Marte).

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