"Ei sunt băieți și ei au un ziar."

Translation:They are boys and they have a newspaper.

November 18, 2016



Asking if they have either a book or a newspaper in the answer. Not quite sure how you're supposed to "fill in the blank" when they're both just nouns.

November 18, 2016


Indeed, I went with book since I figured boys would be reading that instead of a newspaper LOL

Still got it wrong ;0

November 18, 2016


So I thought about it some more and realized what was wrong. It would have been "o carte", instead of "un ziar". So since they gave us "un", it had to be newspaper. (Unless of course I'm remembering the question wrong now...)

November 18, 2016


Thank you for the help. Does this help explain that carte is feminine and ziar is masculine?

December 13, 2016


bravo1125 - I believe that "ziar' has neuter gender, so . . . we need to memorize the "Tips and Notes" for the section concerning "Plurals".

May 3, 2018


Not necessarily, that just comes down to memorization of which noun is feminine or masculine. I think this question just gives you the gender context to pick the correct one from the drop down list.

December 13, 2016


Difference between "ele au" and "ei au"??

July 20, 2018


Ele is feminin (women), ei is masculine (men or women+men).

July 20, 2018


Either -au-un ziar. Ei

November 21, 2017


Why not "Ei suntem"? I thought "sunt" is singular.

April 2, 2018


Sunt is used for both 1st person singular (I/eu) and 3rd person plural (they/ei/ele). Suntem is used for 1st person plural (we/noi).

April 14, 2018


A fi is a fourth conjugation verb, so 1st sing and 3rd pl are the same. Suntem is only for 1st pl (noi).

a fi (to be)
eu sunt
tu ești
el este
noi suntem
voi sunteți
ei sunt

If ever I'm confused about something, the first place I check is Wiktionary. They usually have more than enough information about it. Here's the page for a fi:



April 20, 2019
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