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"Bună ziua, ea este Ana și eu sunt Maria."

Translation:Good afternoon, she is Anne and I am Mary.

November 18, 2016



These names really should still translate as Ana and Maria. Anne and Mary are not the people's names, their names are Ana and Maria!


Sometimes its helpful to give the English analog such as with Mihai-Michael, Iona-Jane. In this case, however, I think Ana and Mara don't really need translating since they are used in English as well.


I agree, but it depends . If you imagine the same scenario in an English country, you should change the names which aren't appropriate, but if you imagine someone who speaks English and travels in Romania you should of course not translate the names.


I am not too big a fan of this Anglicizing of names.


The translation isn't a very natural sentence in English. One would normally say "This is Ana", not "She is Ana". "This" should at the very least be accepted.


"This is Ana" and "she is Ana" are not the same.


Yeah, why doesn´t it accept "this is ana"?


I have heard such greetings in casual talk. "I am Tom, and he is Bill".


buna ziua ea este anna si sunt maria

I wrote Ana with 2 nn's and it marked it as wrong.
I believe Anna and Ana should have both been accepted as answers


Same here, It was the only mistake I made in the sentence!


Why instead of "I´m" do I have to say "I am ". I mean, contractions should be accepted, right?


Contractions are not accepted because non native speaking Romanians put together this program and they don’t understand native English.


I feel like translating names is a bit too much


100% agreed with srisquez. At least the expression "this is Ana" should be accepted as an alternative answer.


This is not a natural equivalent. You would never introduce someone in English using 'she' or 'he' like this unless they were at a distance, not close enough to hear you. It would be strange, and possibly rude. It should be 'this is'.


August 7, 2019: Ana and Maria marked incorrect and the correct answer had Anglicized names. Error was reported.


I translated Buna ziua to "Hi", and it gave me an error for not writing "Hello". Really???


Another correct solution: Good afternoon, she is Anne and I am Mary. It would be funny if we start translating names here, especially other names beside these :'D


"she's" is marked wrong


I wrote correctly but without accents and it marked me error, usually for accents isn't marked like error...


Buna ziua, is also good day - ziua is day


i really don't like getting these sentences correct, only to be marked wrong because I didn't white-wash the names


Although I think "this is Ana" is right, I don.t think we have already seen "this" in Duolingo...And it is supposed that we have to practice what has been tought! (If you are taking the lessons in order)


Why is it Anne instead of Anna?


The names are translated wrong


The names should be accepted without traduction


I think people should stop complaining about the names and be more focused on the sentences. Bună ziua means Good day and not good afternoon. I din't have the option to select as "Good Day"


Who cares about the word “ and/si”?? It makes no sense whatsoever. Duolingo you continue to fail me everyday.

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