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Romanian tree: FINISHED! =D

So, some days after its release and after many hours reviewing, brushing and of course learning each lesson and skill, I finished this brandnew Romanian tree! =D (no, I didn't take any shortcut)

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone from the Duo Romanian team, specially Sebastian. Since the very beginning I was waiting for this course, because Romanian is one of the languages I have deep în inima mea. Vă mulțumesc din suflet!!!!!!!!!!!

Now my opinion on everything. I find this Romanian course 1000x better than the reverse tree. The vocabulary is much more comprehensive, so anybody can know a little bit about any topic (hectometers? haha). From all the trees I have done so far, this one is one of the most complete in this aspect. Felicitări, România!!!

The tips and notes are also well written. There are even supplementary stuff for the most advanced students. Terrific, Romanian team! I just miss the rest of the notes at the last lessons. I'm sure you are going to fix this issue soon! =)

Din nou, vă mulțumesc pentru toată munca de aur pe care ați făcut-o pentru noi, iubitori ai limbii române!

November 18, 2016



Congratulations! Did you know all the possible endings of words, or word cases before starting the course? It's very impressive, you did it in like 2 days, while I've been doing Dutch for about 9 months now and only up to the second checkpoint (as of today)


I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't whizzing through Dutch; my Dutch streak is 318, and I'm still some distance from the final checkpoint. Dutch is deceptively difficult, particularly when half the time the TTS sounds like he's talking very quickly into a sock, whilst merrily strewing unrecognisable bits of phrasal verb all over the sentence. I've finished every other Germanic language on here, but Dutch is by far the most problematic for me (and I completely disagree with the oft-repeated assertion that it's such an easy language for English-speakers).


EXACTLY!!! negenentwentig he says like "neertwentig".

[deactivated user]

    Het hangt af van welk dialect het is. M'n familie woont in het noorden van Limburg en wij soms neghenentvintigh zeggen in plaats van negenentwintig (maar wij spellen als dat niet, dat is hoe we het uitspraken. De G is als het is er niet. Ik probeerde de nederlandse boom (The Dutch Tree) en ik dat het oké was dacht met een paar foutjes. De uitspraak het dialect van Amsterdam is en dat is niet het dialect wat mijn familie met spreken. M'n dialet is verschillend dan wat gebruikt Duolingo zo ik schrijf veel woorden met een verschillende manier (maar op het moment in dit antwoord ik duo's dialect gebruik. Herinner dat bijna elke stad en dorp hebben hun dialect en het verschillend dan het dialect van z'n buurman is. Ik weet dat ik heb heel van het onderwerp af gegaan... het spijt me over dat.


    Wow dutch must be deceptively difficult if you haven't finished the tree yet! It's so short!

    I'm only on the third circle thingy!


    It's not that short—338 lessons is more than the majority of courses [1].


    well the number of circle thingies is very little!


    The circle thingies are called skills.


    Dutch is for English-speakers like German for Dutch-speakers, It's easy to learn to understand it, because of the similarities, but to do everything correctly is very difficult.


    You are right, my Romanian girlfriend is learning Dutch at the moment, she is fluent in English and a B1 in German. It is extremely hard, even for me to understand. Coming from the eastern part of the Netherlands and born close to the border where the accent and dialect is very strong (the Hollanders can't understand :p ) and the ends of the words are kind of swallowed in. The TTS is even better in this ^^. As -Jurjen- says, English is the most efficient language with the least irregularities, then Dutch then German. As a Dutchman living in Germany, I'm fluent in German but I constantly make small grammatical mistakes. I think it's the same in Roman Based Languages: I know French from school, learned later Spanish on my own and discovered, now learning Romanian, that this is the hardest one to learn. Not having studied Portuguese and Italian, I can understand almost as much as in French and Spanish though. Either way don't worry! The Dutch speak many languages and are always very helpful in understanding, which I always hear from all my International and Erasmus friends.

    [deactivated user]

      Jij nederlands bent! Ik ben nederlands ook. M'n familie woont in het noorden van lomburg en ik spreek met alle de dialecten van het gebied (en de dialecten van Utrecht en Amsterdam

      [deactivated user]

        Ik dat dit zal je niet vernietigen hoop maar binnen elke stad en dorp er een verschillende dialect is, en zij met verschillende snelheden spreken en veel van de woorden uitgesproken worden. M'n dialect we vör om voor te betekenen (het uitgesproken als vhehr uitgesproken) bijvoorbeeld (beevörbeild). Één keer ik in Amsterdam was en ik uit het amsterdamse dialect sprak en dan wanneer ik om m'n familie te bezoeken kwam bijna iedereen in het dorp naar mij keken vanwege de manier ik uit sprak. En in het zuiden je moet met de juiste manier (het juiste dialect bedoel ik) niet met het Amsterdamse dialect. Ik heb dit antwoorde in de dialect dat gebruikt Duolingo geschreven. Probeer de dialecten te leren en jij kunt dan de gemakkelijker manier om te uitspreken te gebruiken om je met de andere dialecten te leren. Vind een dialect en kijk naar iets in dat dialect en het zal je helpen.

        [deactivated user]

          Ik probeerde de nederlands boom en het was oké. Alleen in het verkeerde dialect.


          I'm not a fast learner. I could only do this because I already speak Romanian (though I'm not fluent). And I understand you. I have been at the third checkpoint of the Russian course since last year... xD


          Impressive. Very impressive. I want Romanian to be my second or third Duolingo tree (already have Spanish, planning on finishing either this or French by the end of the year).

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          Your last sentence was perfect except for one thing: you should really use the word 'iubitori' instead of 'amanți'. 'Amanți' would make Romanian speakers think you were having an affair with the Romanian language, it doesn't sound quite right! Regardless of this, your progress is amazing!


          Corectat. Mulțumesc foarte mult! :)


          You know what? As soon as I found out that Romanian had been released, I said to myself "yeah, someone is going to have the tree done in a day or two". I was right! Although I really don't understand why so many people rush through the trees (I hope you didn't rush it just to gloat and to say "yes, another tree completed!" You don't learn anything if you just rush through the tree), I do congratulate you.


          Hahaha, yes, you are right! I rushed through the tree not to claim it as done, but because I was curious about what was being taught, as Romanian is one of my top favorite languages. No worries, I've learned a lot in this rush! :)


          That's good. Sorry if my post came across a bit harsh. I didn't mean it in a harsh way. It's just it annoys me when people complete the tree in some sort of rush just to "have it completed". After all, the goal is to learn the language, not to complete trees! Haha :)

          Anyway, well done on your achievement! Someone else has said this, but you are the first to complete it! That is another small achievement! All you have to do now is reach level 25. :)


          Well... skills, circly things, same thing!


          Are you going to go back and take your time the next round?


          Wow! Congratulations! I do believe you are the first to complete the course!

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          Congrats on learning such a beautiful language!!


          Wow, congratulations! That is so amazing! You inspire me to do the same.


          Woah, that was fast!


          Felicitari! Sa te bucuri de aceasta limba frumoasa! Eu sunt vorbitoare nativa de romana, deci felicitari! Chiar ai reusit!! Bravo!


          Congrats!! Here a lingot! Wow so fast!! Great job!! ^-^


          Grazie mille!! :)


          How do you do it so fast and still learn the language? I do about 2 lessons a day and I still have to practice to learn just those two bunches of words..


          I already speak some Romanian, that's why I managed to rush that much. :) I'm not either a fast learner! Since 2014 I've been learning this wonderful language.

          Mult spor!!

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