"We drink a juice and you eat the rice."

Translation:Noi bem un suc și voi mâncați orezul.

November 18, 2016

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Why isn't ""Bem un suc și mâncați orezul" correct?


I wrote bem un suc si mananci orezul. Manancati and mananci should be correct here.


David, did it specify singular or plural? The question I'm looking at was specifically plural, but i know that we're not always looking at the same thing when we're directed to a comments page. Mănânci is singular. Mâncați is plural.


That's absolutely a right way to say "we're drinking juice and y'all are eating rice." I'm guessing that this was an iteration of the sentence in which duolingo wanted to make sure you could identify the pronouns in Romanian.


"iar" looks like a comparative "and" or perhaps the word "Whereas". Is this why "și" is not right?


it doesn't specify whether to use the plural or singular form of "you" yet it penalizes use of "tu mananca"


"Tu mananci" is correct. In Romanian the verb has different termination depending on the subject.


The multiple choice question uses still "iar" which is NOT "and"! So all three sentences are wrong... Pls correct!

dict.cc : și = and (conjunction) iar = again (adverb)


"Iar" is an adverb, but also a conjunction. https://gramaticalimbiiromane.ro/morfologia/parti-vorbire-neflexibile/conjunctia/ (Sorry, it's in Romanian.)

Most of the time it can be replaced with "și", although its exact purpose is to express a difference in two actions.

"Iar" always separates two independent sentences, unlike "și", that can also be used between two parts of sentence of the same kind (as in "Ea și el mănâncă", or "Ea mănâncă și bea").


You means tu and voi. So both answers with tu or voi must be correct


What is the difference between mananci and mancati?


The conjugation of the verb:

Eu mănânc

TU mănânci (sing)

el/ea mănâncă

noi mâncăm

VOI mâncați (plural)

ei/ele mănâncă


Have a lingot! I wish there were somewhere at the beginning of the course that gives you a reference like this. It's so difficult to know where the accents go when they change from singular to plural


Here in the heading, both the question (lesson) and answer are correct.

However, in the lesson the answer doesn't reflect with the question!

If the answer is "Noi bem un suc şi mancaţi orezul", then the question should be "We drink a juice and eat the rice" (omitting the "you").

Maybe, by the time you read this, the error has been corrected. :)


The solution given as correct is actually wrong. The correct form is " Noi bem un suc si voi mancati orezul". Or as perasperaadnihil wrote, "Bem un suc si mancati orezul".


Sometimes,in frases like this, we can't drop the pronoun. It is necessary

[deactivated user]

    I cannot write the accents because I do not have that facility on my mobile phone.


    How am i supposed to know the second prenoun is you (plural) and not you (singular). They both make sense. Both should be correct.


    It depends of the context, for example:

    you are a boy > in here obviously "you" is only singular. you are boys > in here obviously "you" is only plural. you are well > here "you" can be singular or plural, BOTH CAN BE CORRECT IN CASES LIKE THIS because there is not more information after or before of this sentence.

    In conclusion, for to translate "you" at least to a romance language, you need to pay atention to the context for to use the correct "number (singular/plural)" for verbs, nouns or pronouns, adjectives and determiners.

    (I speak spanish)


    This is some ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤, specify if you mean YOU or YOU ALL. This is driving me nuts. As long as you don't fix it YOU can eat my ass Duolingo


    In place of "Noi bem un suc și voi mâncați orezul", the "solution" gived is: "Noi bem un suc iar mâncați orezul". It is missing the word "voi".


    Nu este bine:varianta 2 este corectă


    Sorry ! ,nici varianta 2 nu este corectă ,deci nicio variantă nu este 100% corectă


    Why are there different ways of saying 'eat'?


    Ya me esta hartando este juego de mierda ea una porqueria tanta regla estupida

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