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Error in new speaking exercises

For the newly developed microphone exercises. It told me to speak "two", wrote it down as "2" and then marked it as wrong.

It told me to say: "Er blieb zwei Tage ohne Werkzeug."

And wrote it down as: "Er blieb 2 tage ohne Werkzeug"

February 19, 2014



Yes, it's the same for me in Italian... Hope they fix it.


Make sure you guys report these errors using the Report a problem button and My answer should be accepted. Hopefully the acceptance of these alternate translations will be expedited. You can also try to support tab. Make sure you report everyone you come across.


Done that! Though didn't think of it immediately :) Thanks for suggestion anyway.


No, that won't solve it. It's not because the alternative translation doesn't exist, it's because it's looking for me to repeat the sentence exactly and (although the software transcribing it knows) the software checking it doesn't realise that "2" and "two" are the same sound.

(Alternative translations won't work e.g. If it asked me to say "bird" and I said "flying animal" it is meant to mark it as wrong because it's a completely different sound)


Right, but if you can add 'Er blieb 2 tage ohne Werkzeug' as an accepted translation, it won't matter won't what the voice recognition outputs.
This isn't an issue in the Spanish section (that I have encountered) becasue so many people have gone through and error corrected the language (being an 'original' language, and very popular), that all numerical representation of numbers have already been added to to DL database.
You can tell they weren't always accepted though because of all the 'DL didn't accepted...' in the comments.


Sorry looked back over my comments and realised I was unclear. It gave me a German sentence to say and asked me to repeat it exactly. The new speaking exercises in chrome as you to record a sentence. They then transcribe what you say, and highlight every letter in green (correct) or red (wrong). For German-German speaking I've got to repeat exactly what it tells me (no alternatives or they'll be highlighted in red). My problem was that in terms of speaking "2" and "two" are exactly the same thing, but the checking software got mixed up and thought that since "2" and "two" are written differently I'd said something different. Does that make sense?


Hi there JoeOcher, we're looking into this! If you type "2" instead of "zwei" in a written challenge, our grading algorithm would be okay with it, but speaking exercises are graded slightly differently.

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