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"A munkásoknak alacsony házuk van."

Translation:The workers have a low house.

November 18, 2016



Short house? What could it be?


A low house. Just one or two storeys tall.


Just what I thought but it was marked wrong :(


It's a sad reality we're living in. :c
Just keep reporting.


It'll be alright. One day. Someday. :'(


So if a "short house" is one or two stores high, what is a regular house in Hungary?

I actually expected something like unusually low room height. Some value that is more common in cellars.


It always depends on your frame of reference. If you're in a city centre where every building has four floors or more, a two-storey building will appear unusually low.


So it refers to storeys and not to room height? As i said that would have been my first thought for reference. Can it be that too? Some 2,2 or 2,3m (inside) high storeys?


The entire building has to be low somehow. If you manage to do this by lowering your ceilings, that's also good, but usually it doesn't make much of a difference on the outside.

If you're only talking about the inside, you should go for "alacsony emelet" (low storey) or better "alacsony mennyezet" (low ceiling). Or "alacsony szobák".


And I suppose the bosses have a fat house.

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