"A piros karóra nem itt van, hanem ott."

Translation:The red watch is not here, but there.

November 18, 2016

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Finally we learn the difference between a clock (óra) and a watch (karóra)! So "handy"!


You're right...kar (arm) clock (óra) is nice...logical and easy to remember!


Does it have to be translated as WRISTWATCH only? Is WATCH not enough? I know about pocket watches but they are quite rare so I would specify them.


-------- armclock should be accepted . . .

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watch, wristwatch, armclock, wristclock, armwatch ... if you want to cover it all so no one fails on such minute detail


It does not have to be. Simply watch is accepted.


How do you stress this? (Is the audio ok?) It seems like compound words are stressed on the first syllable of each (all) parts (if I'm not too confused), but here the first part is only one syllable, so does it affect the stress pattern?


It sounds natural to me. Maybe you are hearing the long ó in karóra?


No, what I mean is the lack of stress on ó even though I'd expect there to be stress. In Finnish some words like this have lost the stress on the second part of the word, so maybe this is similar (or maybe I just don't hear the stress and it is there).


Ah, I was thinking emphasis, but now I hear it as well. The audio seems to pronounce a short o instead of a long ó there, yep.


The stress in a Hungarian word is always on the first syllable, no matter how long, no matter if it's a compound word. Basically, the stress from óra vanishes.


Agree, I've learned a lot more native magyar in 5 months. This sounds very natural to me.


...The stress in a Hungarian word is always on the first syllable,...

------- not always. a yes or no question is accented on the penultimate syllable: van szo'TA'ra ? tud segi'TEni ? then there's tessE'K ?, e'rTI ?, igEN ? . . .

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Am I the only one who hears "karoda" on the recording?


------- just a hard trilled R . . .

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So how would you say.. The red wristwatch is not here but over there? Which is what I put and marked wrong


------ i think "a piros karo'ra nem itt van hanem ott " . i hope you reported that your version should be accepted ? . . .

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Leírtam a helyes mondatot, de nem fogadta el, hanem kijavította betűre ugyanarra. Lol.

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