"This is not a boulevard, it is a street!"

Translation:Acesta nu este un bulevard, este o stradă!

November 18, 2016

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OK, why does the pronoun 'acesta' agree with 'bulevard' and not 'strada"? It seems to me that, logically, it should agree with strada... Thank you for putting the course together!


This is tricky, because there are two clauses. Ignore the second one and it becomes obvious that "acesta" must agree with the only thing left to agree with:
"This is not a boulevard." - "Acesta nu este un bulevard."

However, if a pronoun were to show up in the second clause, it would indeed have to agree with "stradă", so you end up with two forms, even though they logically refer to "the same thing":
"This is not a boulevard, this is a street!" - "Acesta nu este un bulevard, aceasta este o stradă! "

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Thank you kindly for your explanation but the question remains... In the first sentence we are talking about a 'street' that is NOT a boulevard... If you would, "aceasta" is (should be) an abstraction (cale, ruta, etc) of both street and boulevard... Also, if I look at a street, then I can say "Aceasta nu este un bulevard ci o strada..." What am I missing? Regards.


This is exactly the same logic I was sorting through when I was trying to determine my answer. I ended up putting: Ăsta nu este un bulevard, este o stradă! It was marked correct.


Yes, accordingly with the formal logic, but here we fallow the grammar logic. Put it this way: This is a street not a boulevard. Aceasta este o stradă, nu un bulevard.

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