"Casa mea este lângă biserică."

Translation:My house is near the church.

November 18, 2016

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If I wanted to say "My house is next to a church", would I make it "o biserică"? But if you want to say "the church" you don't use any articles at all?

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Yes to first question. ”next to a church” = ”lângă o biserică”. Regarding the definite article, you would use it when the specific church is qualified; for example, ”my house is next to Ste. Friday Church” = ”casa mea este lângă biserica Sf. Vineri”; to make it more interesting, ”next to that church” = ”lângă biserica aceea” = ”lângă acea biserică”!-) NOTE: the order and spelling of ”that” changed from ”aceea” to ”acea”. HTH.


ID-07 are ”acea” and ”aceea” pronounced differently or are they just spelled the way they are to emphasize their different grammatical functions?


They are pronounced differently. I think the double e even adds an extra syllable: a-cea vs. a-ce-ea.


Thanks that helps!

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How true. That was before they got razed to the ground...


my translation is/was : near TO the church...acc to me both -NEAR- and NEAR TO - are a proper use in English !!

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