"We write the letter and you write the message."

Translation:Noi scriem scrisoarea și voi scrieți mesajul.

November 18, 2016



Any difference between iar & și ?

November 24, 2016


Would love an answer to this question as well.

December 2, 2016


I also want to know the difference! Somebody help us!

December 3, 2016


It seems like "iar" is very commonly used. It is prefered here because it emphasises the fact that there are two actions taking place at the same time. I wouldn't want to risk giving a false translation ("iar" really means "and") but I see it as a sort of "while": I'm doing this while you're doing that".

That's what my good Romanian friend tried to explain to me. It's worth what it's worth. You shouldn't try to translate it. It's probably better to notice it's usage in other sentences so as to get a good feel for it.

December 3, 2016


Native speaker here: literal translation is the same, but iar implies the second half of a pair or dichotomy. Usually two cases that oppose each other or together cover all possibilities

October 19, 2017


Do I have to include the pronoun?

July 29, 2017


Forgive my ignorance but you need to use voi to get the correct answer, but I can't see a plural in the sentence? Where am I going wrong?

April 20, 2019


I agree with you. I think that the plural is somehow implied because in the first statement there is "noi" and not "eu", but the singular should be accepted as well.

April 26, 2019


in this case it would be better to use tu instead of voi because the context of the message implies a singular person rather than plural

April 30, 2019


So do both iar and si mean and?

May 26, 2017


și, not *si, but yes, they both mean "and"

September 22, 2017


Why I can,t write "tu" instead "voi"?

January 19, 2019


For others who are wondering: voi scrieți (plural) vs tu scrii (singular)

March 1, 2019


Raspunsul meu este bun .nu foarte bun.

April 12, 2018
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