Looking for Dutch movies?

Hi. I'm looking for some movies with spoken Dutch, preferably ones that haven't been dubbed with Dutch . Any suggestions? Bedankt

2 years ago


There is a website called wlext where they have Dutch series/movies with English subtitles.

2 years ago
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Is there a certain type of movie that you like? Which services do you use?

Netflix has some Dutch movies here:

And there's a real oddball movie that I still loved called "Borgman" on Amazon Prime right now. It's about the friction between the classes in the Netherlands. At least I think that's what it was about. :)

You could also just Google "best Dutch movies" and hunt down the ones that seem interesting on Netflix, Amazon, etc.

If you have a Roku box, it has a search feature that lets you search for a movie, actor or director across several of their channels.

If you don't mind renting, I really enjoyed "Broken Circle Breakdown." I can't name another movie that has native Flemish speakers singing classic American bluegrass tunes so well. But if that idea does nothing for you, there's also the real story - a couple with significant religious and political differences trying to hold their marriage together during a family crisis. There seems to be a lot of strife caused these days by religious and political differences, so I'm sure many people can relate to this.

1 year ago

the hannah montana movie is on netflix in dutch if you've got a vpn

2 years ago

I'd think 'Michiel de Ruyter' (2015), with the English title 'Admiral', would be an excellent choice; a bit of a Game of Thrones-like movie about the Dutch naval legend admiral De Ruyter. It was the first and only time (so far) I've been impressed with a production of the Dutch film industry. It is mostly spoken in Dutch, with a few fragments in English and French.

2 years ago

This is a pretty cool movie by the looks of it. I haven't actually seen it but it came up in my recommendeds after I watched this movie, which you should also check out.

2 years ago

If you want some typical Dutch comedy, I would definitely recommend the television series Rundfunk. You can find the entire first season with English subtitles here. Season 2 is currently running, English subs seem to be arriving with time. All videos are available without subs on the channel as well.

2 years ago
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