"This wolf does not eat bread."

Translation:Αυτός ο λύκος δεν τρώει ψωμί.

November 18, 2016

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again I'm completely floundering with the articles. I desperately need rules.


Hi, I don't understand why and when we have to use : αυτός ο αυτή η αυτό ο and no : ο, η, το Thank you for your answer


Why do y'all put answers that are correct in purist Greek as wrong answers? Why not just put obviously wrong answers? Instead, it feels like you're crusading against archaic words. Lame


Multiple-choice questions are not produced by the course maintainers but are automatically generated by the Duolingo system by picking one or more correct sentences and adding zero, one, or two distractor sentences created at random by modifying a correct sentence.

If you're complaining about a particular sentence, you'll have to quote it since we have no idea what sentence(s) Duo decided to create as distractor sentences.


Which answer was that? It was possibly an omission and not a crusade against archaic words. Please inform us in order to add it.


I wasnt sure if i needed the ο after αυτός, clicking on the words for hints it didnt have the ο, but when i submitted it , it was marked wrong


I'm getting the accent wrong. a bit overwhelming at this point.

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