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  5. "O vacă grasă și un cal slab."

"O vacă grasă și un cal slab."

Translation:A fat cow and a skinny horse.

November 18, 2016



So slim and skinny/weak are synonymous in Romanian? Slim can be a compliment though skinny/weak less so! :)


For polyglots out there: is there anything that you can associate with the word "slab"?


Perhaps "weak" would be the most suitable translation? In Russian, слабый (slabyi) means literally "weak", and these words do have a similarity. Nevertheless, I'm not a Romanian speaker...


It was borrowed from Old Church Slavonic (Old Bulgarian)


In my head i think of a slab of marble as like a thin piece used for a counter or a slab of rock as like a thin section of rock coverinh something. Not like paper thin, but I dont think it means that here either. Hope that helps :)


m esometimes i get mixed up with anothe word

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