"Noi scriem cartea."

Translation:We write the book.

November 18, 2016

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Is there another word for book? I keep getting confused because in French and Portuguese "carte/carta" means letter!


Join the club, bro :) I'm also confused by "o" meaning "a." I'm probably more confused than you are because I studied the four other major Romance languages before seriously hitting up this one:)


'o' is the feminine version of 'a' while 'un' is masculine. So you would say "o femeie" (a woman) and "un barbat" (a man, also my phone doesn't have the option but there should be a 'u' curve above the first 'a' in barbat)

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Uh, no there isn't! At least not one that covers all meanings of 'carte'.


Sorry but in French "carte" does not mean "letter" at all. Letter in French is lettre (actually English took the word from French). "Carte" in French means "card" or "map", depending on the context. I guess you are confused because of the Spanish "carta", which does mean "letter".


Do you pronounce every vowel in "cartea"? Im hearing her say "car-ta" instead of "car-te-a"


Is spelling "car-tea" like is write. The woman who speak don't speak good the language :))) another word that she don't spells good is to drink- a bea. She said "beú" but is "beau" like is write.


I thought it should be prounounced like "car-tya", but I'm hearing "car-tè" instead… Confused...


I'm hearing the same thing. My biggest problem learning this language is the audio. I'm wrong much more than I am right. She misses endings and it gets cut off sometimes too.


I distinctly heard an 'm' sound at the end of "cartea" -sounded something like =cartyam.


"Ea" in "cartea" is a diphthong, so the two vowels are pronounced together. Here you can get an idea what this group is supposed to sound like: https://www.romanianlesson.com/romanian-vowels-pronunciation-together


She pronounces every vowel, but very smoothly and quickly so it sounds almost like one sound "car-ta) The vowels should not be pronounced in a disconnected way like "car-te-a."


'ea' sounds more like a diphtong to me. So the truth is in the middle, Mike


I'm on a quest to learn the romance languages (except french) and romanian is triggering me with the false cognates...


What is the infinitive for "to write" and "to read" in Romanian?


@Thomas_Slo to write - a scrie; to read - a citi


A lingot for a quick reply. :)


And while I'm at it, what is the infinitive of "to drink"? Plus, I noticed that the "accents" on the verb "to eat" change (as if it wasn't difficult enough to pronounce, they also have to change!! ;) ). Or did Duo make a mistake? I somehow don't see it logical that they would change. Could you maybe write down the infinitive of "to eat" and all the six forms in the present tense?


to drink - a bea

Duolingo made no mistake, to eat is mmm special. :)

to eat - a mânca

eu mănânc, tu mănânci, el/ea mănâncă; noi mâncăm, voi mâncați, ei/ele mănâncă. I wish you best of luck! :))


Very helpful. Mersi


Thomas, 'a mânca' is an irregular verb. Luckily, there aren't many of them in Românian. And btw Ă, Â are not accents on A but individual letters on the alphabet. And at least Â/Î stands for a very distinct sound, similar to that in Bulgarian or Turkish (Ъ and dotless I, respectively).


Is that sound similar to the Russian ы ? If you or anyone knows. :) I'm still trying to figure that one out...


what are all the options for read and write because I don't know which one to use and when


a citi = to read

Eu citesc = I read/I am reading
Tu citești = You read/You are reading
El/Ea citește = He/She reads//He/She is reading
Noi citim = We read/We are reading
Voi citiți = You read/You are reading
Ei/Ele citesc = They read/They are reading (ei - is for masculine plural, ele - is for feminine plural)

a scrie = to write

Eu scriu = I write/I am writing
Tu scrii = You write/You are writing
El/Ea scrie = He/She writes//He/She is writing
Noi scriem = We write/We are writing
Voi scrieți = You write/You are writing
Ei/Ele scriu = They write/They are writing

Ea citește o carte = She is reading a book/She reads a book
Ea scrie o carte = She is writing a book/She writes a book



This is confusing


"We write the book" is, at best, a very strange thing to say in English, and has little or no meaning. "We are writing the book," or "We wrote the book," are both correct. Is this a structure that one would use in Romanian? If so, what does it mean.

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    You are right..it should be " we are writing the book"= " noi scriem cartea". "We wrote the book= noi am scris cartea"

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