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  5. "Átsétálunk az ebédlőbe."

"Átsétálunk az ebédlőbe."

Translation:We walk over to the dining room.

November 18, 2016



There are possible translations of this with "through," too. "We walk through to the dining room." "We walk through into the dining room."


we walk across the dining room is not acceptable?


I don't think the Hungarian sentence means that you are walking across the dining room. Rather, you are walking across some unspecified room or surface, and then into the dining room. You never actually cross the dining room, if you see what I mean. In other words, you are 'walking over into the dining room'.


ebédlőbe = into the dining room. We walk across into the dining room should be accepted though: reported.


I don't think so. See my other comment on this page.


Is that means , For example, i am in the dining room and i am walking to dining room, during this movement i can say that sentence ?

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