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"You hurt your head falling off of the ladder?"

Translation:Ți-ai lovit capul căzând de pe scară?

November 18, 2016



te-ai ranit la cap suna romaneste varianta voastra e traducere de robot.

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I got this as a multiple choice question; two of the choices were

"Ți-ai lovit capul căzând de pe scară?" and "Tu ți-ai lovit capul căzând de pe scară?"

I chose both, but it told me that that was incorrect, and that the correct solution was only the first. But they clearly mean exactly the same thing and are both correct. There isn't a good way to report this situation so hopefully someone who can fix this sees this.


v-ati lovit capul cu leuca?


ca sa scap vorbesc si eu ca voluntarii tehnocrati


what grades had you to your native language?

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