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  5. "Sunt două meniuri pe masă."

"Sunt două meniuri pe masă."

Translation:There are two menus on the table.

November 18, 2016



Is this how you say "There are" for all things in Romanian?


Yes, you can directly use the verb with nothing before it.
Also true in expressions like:
"It rains." - "Plouă."
"It's cold." - "E frig."


It bothers me that the masa has the mark on it -- wouldn't that be "on a table" instead of "on the table"?


Yes, but in Romanian, you generally don't use the definite article after prepositions (except sometimes with cu)


"pe masă" means : on the table But I saw "pe" means "on" / "per" Is it true to translate it by : per table ? Thank you :)


I thought masă is table and masa is the table, am I wrong?

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You are correct, but when used with a preposition, you must drop the article (except when you also add some kind of description to the noun). Compare the following two sentences, both correct:

Sunt două cărți pe masă = There are two books on the table.

Sunt două cărți pe masa roşie = There are two books on the red table.

Hope that clears things up a bit :)

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